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BOSTON (AP) When Alex Pietrangelo lifted a backhander over Tuukka Rask to give the St. Louis Blues a two-goal lead late in the first period, Boston lovers went silent and the spooky quiet lasted throughout intermission.
With good reason. The Blues hadn’t lost a playoff game that was single when up by at least two goals.
The Bruins found out what San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets learned the hard way: Don’t allow the St. Louis Blues take a lead.
Check out the game’s 7 recap of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals Craig Berube’s team showed all playoffs a baseball game could be locked down by it better than anyone in the NHL. Their manner of game contrasts to playing a lead, a recipe which helped them finish Boston 4-1 Wednesday night in Game 7 off to raise the Stanley Cup.
«We did a real good job in the middle of the ice tonight, especially in our end – good sticks, clogging it up, blocking shots,» Berube said.» I thought our guys, they did a real good job in the middle of the ice hockey, up it, not giving them anything free »
After the regular season saw an 138 multi-goal comebacks, the Blues went 4-0 at the Cup final when taking a lead of any kind about the Bruins they had a two-goal or advantage this postseason, and were undefeated.
When he took over as interim coach for Mike Yeo in November so a lot of this may be tracked right back to Berube’s changes. He instituted a new hockey that better suited. Asked after Game 7 to the ice hockey what Berube’s hiring meant to St. Louis, Armstrong did not wait.
«Everything,» he explained simply.» He came in. One was the standings were taken by him. … He said, let’s just go to work every day.»
«He does not get too large, too low… I learned a lot working with him and that I look forward to working with him for a long time to come,» added Armstrong, who then laughed when Berube’s interim title was said.» We’re going to work that out.»

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