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Pirates at Rockies

Thursday, 8:40 p.m. ET
Free MLB Picks: Rockies ML
Finest Line Launched: BetOnline
We went 3-0 on these the moneyline in both and the total in one of both and previewed two of Pittsburgh’s early-week matches in Philadelphia. Let’s say we will choose against the Pirates back on Thursday as they start a four-game show from the thin air of Denver against the Colorado Rockies and just cut to the chase.
From April 16-18, the Rockies won two and visited with Pittsburgh. Both groups were back then. Both are very likely to finish there and last in their divisions.
Perennial Rockies NL MVP candidate along with third baseman Nolan Arenado needed. Daniel Murphy and ian Desmond were each 4-for-10, with five being homered and rapping in by Murphy.
Pittsburgh was led in the show from Josh Bell, who was 5-for-12 with 2 homers, four runs and three RBIs scored. Stellar rookie Bryan Reynolds was 2-for-6 having four RBIs and a homer.
Reynolds is battling to become the first rookie ever to win the NL batting title (it’s occurred twice in the American League). The club rookie record for doubles in a single season is held by Paul Waner using 35 at 1926 and that must break.
Colorado is well below .500 entire but has a winning record at Coors Field. On the other hand, last year the Rockies are only 12-17 at home this decade from the Pirates and lost two of three. The Rox have not swept a home series vs. Pittsburgh because 2013 and were still trapped in 2015.
The Rockies are somewhat thin now with outfielder David Dahl and beginning Kyle Freeland, Jon Gray, and pitchers German Marquez all. Gray is achieved for the year and Marquez is.

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