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You have to make the match first to acquire a ring. Along with the Phoenix Suns understand better how difficult that may be.
Forty-eight wins didn’t get the job done last year, however, the Suns, undaunted, will give the punishing Western Seminar yet another crack in 2014-15. This time around, they’ll have Isaiah Thomas rounding out a mortal three-guard rotation that–hopefully–may also include the newly paid Eric Bledsoe for a full season.
Goran Dragic was an elite actor last year, and he’ll look to duplicate the very remarkable individual offensive season we’ve observed in the post-Steve Nash Suns era.
Channing Frye’s death to the Orlando Magic will hamper Phoenix’s spacing on crime, but the group which led the NBA at fast-break points a year ago may play with enough speed to compensate for this loss.
The good thing is that the Suns may have yet another excellent season and still fall short of the playoffs. The good news is they have sufficient cap flexibility to re-sign Dragic next summer and pursue a significant free agent who could put them over the top.
This season will probably be too much pleasure to word a throwaway, but the fact is that the Suns are a year away from actually raising their own profile.

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