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The 2019 Washington Nationals are like a child in learn-to-swim courses. They simply maintain potable water.
Each time you think they may be poised to make a go about the NL East-leading Atlanta Braves, the Nats allow the opportunity escape them and shrivel up.
The Nationals currently sit 6.5 games behind the Braves. Washington is awarded +600 odds to overtake Atlanta in the NL Divisional odds.
*Odds taken on 08/12/19.
Washington is only five games in the loss column and two up on the New York Mets.
Just in Atlanta, Washington took just two of four matches past the midway mark of July. The Nats followed up by winning three of four. Theyd moved to within four games of the Braves.
This, however, isnt a group that embraces opportunity or prosperity.
Since then, four of five string have dropped. That included falling twice during a three-game home.
They finished a road trip Sunday to conclude the journey with their heads barely above water. Washington went.
The Nationals are a since the All-Star Break. They are charging the Braves down.
The Detroit Tigers have been the American League version of the Nationals . Like Washington, they boasted a sensational starting rotation. One newcomer — Max Scherzer — has been part of the two rotations.
Detroit made the playoffs five times and played in two World Series, but never came close to winning it all, since the Tigers did not bother to invest.
Sound comfortable?
At Fridays opener of the large three-game series from the Mets, Washington closer Sean Doolittle coughed up a 6-3 lead at the ninth and had been walked 7-6. Ahead of Friday, the Mets had dropped 187 games when down three runs in the ninth inning.
Washington possesses an MLB-worst 6.07 bullpen ERA. Even if you should discard the dreadful 22.74 ERA of those deceased Trevor Rosenthal, the Nats will still have an MLB-bottom 5.63 ERA. Relievers have discounted 22 of 52 save chances.
Guys who make their pay covering the disgrace that resides in the White House within DC realize that the Washington bullpen is a Nationals disgrace.
Holding the NL Wild Card spot , the Nationals start an important homestand Monday against the Cincinnati Reds. Three games with the Milwaukee Brewers accompanied that, such as the Reds a group in the Wild Card hunt.
This must be the attention of Washington. The old baseball adage is that you will need a weeks worth of games to compensate for a single game in the standings. The Nats are 6.5 games out with seven weeks to perform with, so their division-winning window is closing quickly.
They have seven games but will practically should go at least 5-2 in that stretch to get some opportunity. The Nationals play 17 of their last 45 games against Wild Card teams, 19 matches against current playoff clubs and only 15 against teams using sub-.500 records.
The wisest move for Washington is forget about the division and lock on locking down the Card.
Let us keep it civil and have fun.

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