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LSU Tigers and the Florida Gators equally come into this Saturdays match with statement successes.
LSU defeat against the Longhorns per week 2 and moved to Texas. The Gators stifled then-No. 7 Auburn in the Swamp weekend. However, during this weeks matchup at Death Valley, the two teams look to take a spot in the race more than .
Floridas defense leads the solution in their opinion. Theyve given up the 8th-fewest offensive touchdowns (5), and also have not given up a point from the 4th quarter since their opener. Since he went 11 with three INTs into making bad decisions that were several last week Auburn QB Bo Nix flustered.
But Joe Burrow is not Nix. He is a veteran quarterback, and it has led LSU to the best launching in SEC history. Theyve averaged 54.6 points-per-game, the most in college soccer. That includes the 45 they dropped on the street on Texas.
Together with Death Valley awaitings roar that the Gators come in as 13-point underdogs on BetNow. Could the No. cover the spread and 5 grading shield keep this near? Or will Burrow and win the bet up and also the No. 2 passing offense keep rolling? Heres the breakdown.
There is very little doubt in Burrows skill anymore. He has transformed to a Heisman candidate, acquiring a immaculate 22/3 TD/INT ratio and 11.5 yards-per-attempt (3rd in the FBS).
He is also working with a few of the very best getting groups in the nation. The trio of JaMarr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrace Marshall Jr. have combined for 19 touchdowns and 73 receptions, with averages above 15 YPC for all three.
Jefferson has good length using his 63 frame, and it has mastered in some big games. Chase is a physical existence on the other side. Marshall Jr. will sit until November with a foot injury, however, Derrick Dillon is an experienced target who will fill the spot. It is all a part of a passing game thats Burrow at a 78.4% completion percentage.
They will face undoubtedly the toughest DB unit theyve played with throughout the year. Northwestern State is an FCS group, but here would be the yards-per-attempt given up by the additional competitors of LSU: Georgia Southern 111th, Texas 124th, Vanderbilt 128th, and Utah State 103rd.
Though its safe to say theyve yet to play a QB of all the standard of Burrow, florida sits at 33rd. Theyve played FCS QBs, a true freshman (Nix), a redshirt freshman making his first start (Jarren Williams, Miami), and Nevertheless, C.J. Henderson has been preseason All-American whos living up to his billing. Shawn Davis generates a bunch of havoc at the secondary (111 yards on three INTs). Marco Wilson is a bit on spot, but has a ceiling for a cover guy.
Burrow will confront a ominous pass-rush, which will be fully healthy for the first time since their 10 sacks versus Miami about the opening week. Jabari Zuniga, believed to function as very best is coming back from injury. With him on one side along with Jonathan Greenard (4.0 sacks/6.5 TKFL) about the flip side, LSUs 63rd-ranked sack rate in their o-line will be analyzed.
Since Kyle Trask substituted Feleipe Franks (ankle injury) since Floridas quarterback, the Gators have outscored opponents 115-16.
He has yet to get flustered with an opposing defensive line, while his awareness have to improve in the pocket. Auburns is the very best in the country, and ranks 11th in defensive line yards, according to Football Outsiders.
LSU is ranked 31st and is currently 85th in sack rate. Theyll rely upon blitzing LBs to help throw Trask off his game. The Florida QB is certain in the pocket but is not portable outside of it. He sprained a knee and wore a leg brace when he reentered the match.
Together with the LBs more involved in the pass-rush, All-American security Grant Delpit needs to produce big in coverage. He likely will face off against a matchup nightmare in Florida TE Kyle Pitts (25 receptions). Neutralizing Pitts (65-240pounds, 4.6 40-yard dash) is critical to LSUs success on D.
LSU–such as Floridas secondary–is frequently regarded as DBU for the talent they possess on their defenses outside. Derek Stingley Jr. is continuing this heritage with performances that should land him on the All-Freshman group, if not more, in 2019.
Would likely be Kristian Fulton, that permitted the smallest sum of downs last year out of returning FBS corners. Although this group is 69th in passing yards itll be given an opportunity against a pressured Trask.
Balance is going to be as crucial as ever for Florida, that hasnt got their running game this year, going however. A tackle broke at the line on his way last weekend. In spite of that, the Florida o-line ranks 113th based on yards and also will be going up against the No. 1 d-line in terms of power success (short-yardage scenarios ).
While the LSU front may not be strong. But Florida only compiles 3.66 YPA on the ground, and that is like Perines long term and a 76-yard receiver sweep that closed out the Kentucky game.
It places ways pressure on Trask at a hostile environment, if they dont buy Perine or Dameon Pierce going frequently.
Florida has earned respect from the school football world after week. And while I dont expect them to come out from Death Valley with a win from LSU, I really do see this sport remaining than many.
LSUs offense made strides, also Burrow is just one of the more intelligent QBs from the FBS. However, LSU is not going to put up 45 or something close to this against a defense whos known at all three levels. Their pass-rush has developed with Greenard wreaking havoc.
As the staff has relied upon them, the Gators defense will probably wear out over time. Marco Wilson will be the topic from Jefferson or the physiological Chase.
However, I do not expect this. Maintaining the match in enough of a slog until afterward makes Florida the wager on Saturday.
Prediction: LSU (30) — Florida (20)

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4.5/5 – 28