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London Broncos coach Danny Ward has assured that his side will return to Super League more powerful after losing their battle for survival.
Ward’s men defied all expectations by being competitive throughout their first time back in the airport but it came to an end with a 19-10 defeat at Wakefield.
«They’ve done themselves happy,» said Ward, who will remain with London back from the Championship at 2020. «Regrettably we just were not good enough.
«But it has been excellent to work with this particular group of players. It’s a bit of a blip in the road and we’ll come back stronger.»
London began the day level on points with Wakefield, Huddersfield and Hull KR however in location gap.
They knew they needed to win to stay away from the fall but a tightly-contested first half finished 8-0 after a try by 2 goals and Ryan Hampshire to Trinity in Danny Brough.
Hampshire scored again five minutes after the restart and then Reece Lyne added a third to confirm a victory that sent the Broncos, who scored consolation tries from Brock Lamb back to the Championship and Alex Walker after a season from the top flight.
«We’ve just fallen at the final hurdle and Wakefield were quite great – that we kicked us to death and left us come our personal line,» said Ward.
«It was only one game too for both boys and we’re absolutely devastated.
«However, imagine a learning experience for us all – that I think we’ve all got better as the weeks have gone .
«There have been so many ups and downs and it has been a complete roller coaster with enormous performances and some not so excellent.
«We can be proud of how we have gone about our business and the way we have improved because the majority of that side have come up from the Championship.
«They’ve proved they are able to play Super League week in and week out, but finally we neglected in what we set out to do.
«You will find loads of advantages, but at the end of the day we have been relegated and it is absolutely dreadful for the lads.»
A raft of London gamers are now expected to leave however he hopes that the Broncos can regain their chair at the top table.
«It demonstrates how aggressive it’s been this year but at the close of the day the worst group must go down and that is us, regardless of how many wins we have got,» said Pitts.
«It is just devastating but I’m so proud of the efforts. This year, what we’ve done is remarkable.
«Hopefully it is a stepping stone for London soccer league to perform hard to return .»

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