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how to find a girlfriend

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Let’s say you land some hot girl by your side and she’s seems really into you – without blowing it entirely with you (you can keep her around to date) but until you’re ready do NOT settle down with her. Make yourself ready and be prepared to do things and say things you’ve never done before. If you’re not seriously committed, not much of this is going to help you get a girlfriend.

You’ll get results. But you have to want this.

I’m saying “man” for a reason. Women tend to keep in close touch with their girlfriends, and men keep hitting on her all time — keeping her social motor going. We men, on the other hand… we often become complacent, and forget to nurture our social life outside the relationship.

And if you have a lot in common, you can mention that, too. This shouldn’t take more than a minute. You don’t have to list every reason that you like her. Don’t try to rush into a relationship. A healthy relationship takes time to grow and develop into something real.

But over time, this can become suffocating and your social life takes the hit. This becomes especially evident whenever a relationship ends and the man has lost contact with most of his friends and has to start again from scratch.

  • A common mistake that guys make when trying to get themselves a girlfriend is that they meet a woman, feel sexually attracted to her and immediately begin to want to have her as a girlfriend (i.e. he is smitten, falls in love at first sight).
  • Finally, there are some guys who just don’t have a good feel for how to approach girls and how to move forward.
  • This makes it much easier for you to take your relationship in your desired direction.
  • If that’s true, then how should you go about showing your feelings for her?

After all, there are many reasons a girl might not be interested in dating a boy. This is a pretty crucial moment.

Because men who are obsessed with this thought clearly communicate a view of the world where they are the ones to be selected by the woman… where all they do all they can to win her favor. As men, we usually have periods in our lives where our only goal seems to be to spread seeds like a bee with a severe pollen addiction. But in the end, what we really end up wanting is a serious, committed and happy relationship. That’s why we have so many guys contacting us… wanting to learn how to girl a girlfriend. Drawing lines is a desirable trait as it shows paternal qualities.

Make it official. When you’re dating a girl you really like, it’s easy to fall into the “let’s solidify things” trap and try to verbally make things official. Women want a challenge just as much as we do, so don’t give too much away, especially in the early stages of dating, otherwise you’ll kill the thrill of the chase and she’ll quickly lose interest.

11. How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

People say a lot of stuff about personality, but just about every woman I’ve known puts up with just about anything from an attractive man who has money. You really get it when you’re at a bar and see a famous guy walk in the room and all the women stare at him like men stare at a hot girl. Sounds like you’re trying for the wrong type of woman, or more accurately I suspect, girl. That may be the problem too, if you’re not genuinely interested in your “interests” then you’re wasting your time. You gotta be the most interesting version of you or in essence it’s a lie.

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