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Excellent Britain’s Dina Asher-Smith posted a season’s best time to beat the Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica in the Diamond League Final at Brussels.

Asher-Smith, 23, clocked 10.88 minutes to edge out Olympic and seven-time world champion Fraser-Pryce, as Ivorian Marie-Josee Ta Lou occurred third.
The Briton will attempt a 100m and 200m sprint double in the 2019 World Championships in Doha that month.
She finished second in the 200m at the Diamond League Final of a week in Zurich.
Asher-Smith lost out despite a second year’s best on this event to Olympic 400m champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo – and her world medal claims strengthened on Friday with a Diamond League title.
«I came in to the race needing to acquire and also my trainer gave me some very special things to think about,» explained Asher-Smith.
«I was doing this at the rush and that I managed to pull it off and once I crossed the line I thought’yes, amazing, won the race, tick, happy me’, but then I remembered it was the Diamond League so theoretically I have won the whole Diamond League, so what a great day!»
From the men’s 200m, 22-year-old Noah Lyles of the United States backed his 100m victory in Zurich with a comfortable win in 19.74 moments.
Canadian Andre De Grasse and world winner Ramil Guliyev both enrolled season’s best times to finish third and second .
British heptathlete Katerina Johnson-Thompson ended third in the long jump competition with a best attempt of 6.73m, together with compatriot Lorraine Ugen fifth.
Johnson-Thompson’s competition for the world heptathlon title in Doha – reigning champion Nafissatou Thiam – came third in the high jump.
Elsewhere, Holly Bradshaw recorded a fifth-place finish in the women’s pole vault and Andrew Pozzi came sixth in the men’s 110m hurdles.
Lynsey Sharp was – on the day the event’s two-time Olympic champion Caster Semenya, not able to compete without taking testosterone-reducing drugs after a rule change, joined the soccer team of a women.
The Diamond League Finals had been split with 16 decorations, at Brussels and Zurich.
The World Championships take place in Doha 6 October, in Friday, 27 September on Sunday.
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